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CC Masterclass Launch

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Hello fellow CCs!   This week I am launching our Masterclass group! Stay tuned for updates and you should be receiving an invite in your mailbox soon. The Masterclass will offer lots of free resources, training videos, guidebooks  and tools to help us to develop and clarify your game plan  in order to help you […]

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Holding Your Own Space As A Leader

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Posted by Nisha Moodley At the airport one recent morning, I heard a flustered mother say to her child, “I’m not going to give you any breakfast unless you stop crying.” My heart sank. As a mother myself, I can empathize with how intensely frustrating parenting can be at times. But I also imagined what […]

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How Writing Saved Me From Suicide

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Posted by Kenmari Howell In 2003, my best friend and first love killed himself. He would have turned 39 on Flag Day. He did it because he wanted to see more of his newborn son and his ex wouldn’t let him, so he shot himself. His death didn’t punish his ex—it punished his son and […]