Minny Frank was raised in some of the roughest neighborhoods in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. She faced many adversities as a child, including homelessness, poverty, a drug addicted mother, an absent convict father, and child abuse and neglect.  Always a good student, Minny attended Fr. Charles A. Hall Middle School, The Catholic High School of Baltimore and went on to graduate from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. She received a Bachelor’s degree in writing and later received a certificate in Advanced Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco, California. She is currently attending her last year of law school and is diligently studying for the State Bar examination.

Minny Frank has previously been featured on the Dr.Phil Show when she went on the show to discuss the alleged kidnapping of her teenage son in 2014. Her son attempted suicide with her husband’s handgun and went on to report on national television that the conditions in her home including suffering from the abuse at the hands of his step father Lon, had caused him to shoot himself.  As a result of that television episode Minny’s children were immediately removed from her home and placed in foster care. There were two additional Dr. Phil episodes after the initial show which followed the journey to get their children back.

During the long journey to get her children back out of foster care, Minny discovered that she had hit several obstacles in life that had caused her to become stuck and unable to parent her children safely. Over the years Minny Frank had suffered from eating disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, a severe form of postpartum depression (postpartum psychosis) and was also suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, all of which prevented her from being able to be a caring and loving mother to her children.  The biggest lesson of all for Minny was in discovering that she had been subjecting her children to an environment which had become toxic because the level of domestic violence in the home had reached a boiling point and the stress and chaos in the family was causing everyone to be anxiety ridden and stressed on a daily basis.

When Minny’s children were removed she stayed in a shelter for survivors of domestic violence and received mental health services for survivors, counseling and other therapeutic interventions. She managed to get her children out of foster care after several years of making active changes in her life and her family is now on the road to recovery and healing after their traumatic separation.

Minny has learned how to eradicate the cycle of depression, and anxiety that she has faced for several decades, and she has learned how to combat the effects of trauma in her life so that she can live her most passion filled life and be the best parent that she can be. She prides herself in being a master curve ball catcher  in the game of life and she has mastered the art of resilience from the many lessons she’s learned over the past 30 years.

Today Minny Frank is a survivor of intimate partner violence, an author, speaker, and resilience coach helping individuals to clarify their game plan to overcome obstacles, take control of the solution and conquer the curve balls in the game of life so that they can not only stay in the game, but win.  Minny’s hobbies include legal research, hiking, writing poetry, watching reality television shows and baking homemade treats for her children.

After sitting for the California Bar Examination and eventually the Maryland Bar, Minny hopes to start or join a law practice focused on Human Rights and helping other survivors of intimate partner violence including women and children. Minny believes that everything in life happens for a reason and that her journey is meant to be shared with others as a sort of cautionary tale for other mothers or women who find themselves lost, overwhelmed and or stuck in the cycle of domestic violence.

Minny Frank firmly believes that there is a solution for every single problem we face in life. It is up to us to take advantage of our wake up call and either catch the curve balls or let them hit us in the head and knock us out for the count.  For Minny Frank the wake up call was her son’s attempted suicide and the removal of her children from her care. She chose to fight, learn, thrive and survive and she is now sharing her journey with others as a cautionary tale of how not to sleep through your wake up call but to rise to the occasion and to clarify the roadblocks that are hiding your true path to freedom.

Minny Frank is currently writing a memoir in which she not only tells her story of loss, faith and healing but also how you can learn the specific skills necessary in order to clarify your game plan, become unbreakable, overcome unforeseen obstacles and conquer the curveballs that come up unexpectedly in the game of life.